Specialists in Topsoil Analysis

Test Name: Combined Analysis

Test Code: BA4

Test Price: 225 + vat

Test Description: BS Certification is sometimes requested of topsoil suppliers. BS Standards test the quality of topsoil; the test includes nutrient levels, some contaminant testing (hydrocarbons only) and physical analysis (although the test results include raw data rather than interpreted results as in the full physical analysis).

To carry out this test: Please call our customer services on 01603 754607 or email lab@baileysofnorfolk.co.uk

Posting sample: When you place your order and are ready to send a sample (1.5kg), we will email you a free postage label. Simply print the label and attach it to the package. Once we receive your sample, we will contact you to confirm that we have understood your order.

Send a 1.5kg sample:
We will send you a form with your postage label giving further instructions about how to collect your sample and requesting the relevant details i.e.

- Type of analysis required
- Contact telephone number
- Contact name and address (report is posted to you)
- Brief description of the location