Specialists in Topsoil Analysis

Terms and conditions


Tests normally take 12-14 working days after the receipt of the sample, however, BoN-Lab reserves the right to extend the turnaround time. Fast tracking is available, this takes 5 working days, however a premium of a further 50% on the price of the test is charged.

Collecting your sample

Full instructions for gathering your sample, including a diagram, will be sent to you along with other relevant paperwork. The following paragraphs explains how you will be asked to collect your sample:

One sample can be taken to represent up to 1 hectare of land (10,000 square meters), but only if there is no marked change in soil type (colour, texture, stoniness, consistency) or change in management.

The sample should be taken 100mm (4 inches) down. You should collect at least 10, but preferably 20 samples, which should then be well mixed. You should provide a sample of 1.5 kg, but for stony soils this should be 2kg. Baileys will provide a label, which should be fixed to the bag

The pattern of sampling should follow a 'z' shape across the land, and the samples should be take from approximately equal intervals.

The results

Please note that BoN-Lab provides test results and whilst we do provide comment on these results for certain tests (for example, pointing out if a particular nutrient is higher than would normally be expected), we cannot advise on remedial actions. The advice section of this website does have links to a number of resources that may be useful in this respect.

The results of the analysis refer only to the sample supplied for analysis. It may be necessary for BoN-Lab to subcontract some tests; subcontracted tests will be clearly indicated on the analysis report.


Once a sample has been received, a member of staff will contact you for payment by debit or credit card. Alternatively, you may send a cheque for the full amount when posting the sample; this should be made payable to Baileys of Norfolk Ltd. If you have an account with Baileys of Norfolk, you should pay the invoice in full within 30 day of the date of the invoice

Confidentiality and reproduction

Baileys of Norfolk Laboratory (BoN-Lab) will conduct its business with you in the strictest of confidence.